Regional Information

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Our Network

Midland Cancer Network Strategic Plan 2009-2014

The purpose of this strategic plan is to describe the unique role that the Midland Cancer Network has in working with the cancer continuum stakeholders across organisational boundaries to achieve the goals of the national strategy and the action plan in the next five years.

Our Network

Midland Cancer Control Health Needs Assessment

This needs assessment provides an overview of the current cancer burden in the Midland Cancer Network and three of the district health boards that comprise it: Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Lakes.

Annual Report

Midland Cancer Network Annual Report 2008

The Midland Cancer Network (MCN) was the first cancer network established in New Zealand. This inaugural annual report summarises the background and service requirements of the network and key achievements to date.

Palliative Care

Health Waikato Palliative Care Project Report

The Waikato District Health Board (Waikato DHB) Executive Group approved one off
funding for 2007-08 to complete a stock take and review of Waikato rural hospitals and
Health Waikato community based services palliative care.

Palliative Care

Waikato Palliative Care Strategy

The aim of this plan is to provide strategic direction for an integrated and co-ordinated
Waikato District Health Board (DHB) palliative care service. The plan will guide service
delivery and development between the years 2005 and 2010.